You absolutely must read this book!



The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power
The book by Joel Bakan, professor of law at the University of British Columbia is packed with real and convincing evidence that corporations, because of their sole mandate from shareholders to maximize profit in whatever way works best, are pathological by nature.

Most disturbing is Bakan's second chapter "Business as Usual."  Because business has to maximize its profits, everything is legitimate in the pursuit of that goal.  Everything. 

The chapter talks about Marc Barry, a competitive intelligent expert ("Essentially I'm a spy," he says), whom corporations hire to get information from other corporations: trade secrets, marketing plans, or whatever else might be useful to them. In his work, he lies, deceives, exploits, and cheats. He says he's worked for more than a quarter of the Fortune 500 companies.

CEOs hire him to do the dirty tricks for them, and when things get tough, like a lawsuit or some sort of criminal justice prosecution, then they can just cut the string and walk away.

Corporations through their ads, their news channels and their newspapers regularly speak of their good deeds and disseminate their side of every story. Sysco Technology recommends this powerful book to get to know the other side of the story - to what lengths a large corporation will go when it is faced with obstacles real and imagined it wants to eliminate.

  The name speaks for itself.