The Sysco Technology Story


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For Sysco Technology, it began with a vision to launch a nation-wide chain of “Blockbuster-type” offices offering complete, affordable computer products and services including computer systems, networking solutions and website design, from one source.  The objective: to give small- and medium-size businesses some of the same technological advantages of large companies. Subsequently, Sysco Technology Corporation was founded in 1999 in Vancouver to develop, test and implement this model into a business system.

Soon, with the business system completed and the “SYSCO TECHNOLOGY” brand established, the company was preparing to follow its greater vision. However, a series of puzzling events have intervened that have impacted on Sysco Technology and its president, slowing the growth of the company beyond its home base.

Trademark challenge
In October 2000, Sysco Corporation, a Fortune top 100 American marketer of foodservice products that was expanding in Canada, challenged Sysco Technology’s use of trademarks or business names “SYSCO” and later commenced proceedings in the Federal Court of Canada. The challenge was altogether unexpected, given that Sysco Technology was a legally registered company. This litigation was settled in August 2001. The agreement was signed by Mamood Gouneili, President of Sysco Technology, and Kent Berk, Assistant Vice President of Sysco Corporation. Under the settlement, neither party admitted any liability or wrongdoing. The question, however, still remains: Why should a large American company challenge a young Canadian company in the first place, when the latter quite clearly had the right to use its name and when Sysco Technology wasn't even in the same market as Sysco Corporation?

Dirty tricks
A whole host of antagonistic incidents have occurred involving surveillance, monitoring Internet use, mail interception, computer hacking and impersonations over the phone - dirty tricks which weigh on Sysco Technology's business. We keep wondering who has the motive or, for that matter, the resources to carry out such an operation?   Read more . . .

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  The name speaks for itself.